Electrical Panel Upgrades

For most homeowners, opening your main electrical panel is something you rarely do. While this may be true, your electrical panel still plays a vital role in your home, as it distributes power to all of your outlets and appliances. Your electrical panel is not unique—like everything else in your home it will eventually quit working properly and will need to be upgraded or replaced. If it's time for an electrical panel upgrade in your home, call the expert electricians at Ash Creek. We have the skill and experience necessary to ensure your home, and your family, is as safe from electrical hazards as possible.

Dangers of an Old Electrical Panel
An old electrical panel isn't just inconvenient—it can also be dangerous. Here are just a few of the risks you may face if you wait too long to replace your main panel.
  • Fire Hazard: If your panel is no longer able to distribute electricity properly, it could overheat. This could lead to a fire that spreads to other parts of your home.
  • Poor Electrical Function: As your electrical panel ages, you may find that your circuits trip even when you aren't using much electricity. As you can imagine, this can be very frustrating.
  • Power Failure: Eventually, your panel's ability to distribute electricity will fail completely, leaving you and your family members in the dark. For the sake of your own safety and comfort, it's important to recognize problems early and replace your panel in a timely manner.

Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Panel
Keeping tabs on your electrical panel is just another part of routine home maintenance. Here are a few reasons why you might have the electricians at Ash Creek replace your main panel.
  • Old Age: The average home's electricity needs has changed considerably in recent decades. If your panel was installed 30 years ago, you should seriously consider an upgrade.
  • Insufficient Power: If you can only operate one or two appliances at a time, there's something wrong with your main panel. A new panel can help solve your problem.
  • Strange Sounds and Flickering Lights: An old panel may also cause your lights to flicker. A distinct cracking sound is another clear sign that a prompt replacement is necessary.

Federal Pacific (FPE) Warning:
FPE was one of the most common manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in North America from the 1950's to the 1980's. These panels potentially could fail to provide proper safety and protection for homes. This Company was found by a State Court ruling during a class action suit to have violated the Consumer Fraud Act by knowingly and purposefully distributing circuit breakers which were not tested to meet UL standards. The breakers failed to trip causing the panel to overheat and catch fire. Many Federal Pacific Electric panels can and have operated properly for years, but if and when they malfunction, a serious event can occur.

For high-quality electrical service in the Richland County area, call Ash Creek Plumbing, Heating & Electric LLC at (608) 647-5500. Our electricians can replace any electrical panels—including problematic Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels.